Wednesday, 8 November 2017

NComputing can slash your IT costs by 50 Percent

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Did you know that you are using less than 10% of the resources of your Pan the rest of it is wasted? Well, through this note, we would like to share with you a solution that taps into the unused resources of your PC and distributes it across multiple users.

This is the power of NComputing, a shared computing solution provider, which allows you to distribute the power of your PC across users – up to 100 workstations. This not only lowers the acquisition and deployment costs of computers in your organization, it also makes the infrastructure easily manageable and drastically reduces the maintenance and electricity costs.

NComputing offers unique benefits that include:
  • Run up to 100 workstations with just 1 PC/Server
  • Reduce acquisition costs by 50%, maintenance costs by 75%
  • Reduce electricity costs by 90%, thereby reducing the TCO
  • Plug and Play solution that allows quick deployment
  • Enhanced data security
  • Saves considerable amount of workspace
We have implemented this solution across verticals in 140+ countries with 20+ million users and 7000 customers. Per IDC report, NComputing is ranked No. 1 in the Desktop Virtualization provider in India. We would be happy to share some of our success stories of customers that may be similar to your organization.

Right now, we are taking appointments to have a call (Payal
+91991009050), where we can explain this solution. We can follow that up with a demonstration at your office for you and your team.

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