Friday, 16 September 2016

H and L from highness perspective

Alphabets or letters are building blocks of any word. So, they must be important by themselves on a stand-alone basis. The shape of an alphabet when it is pronounced, how it appears when it is written should be crucial. Words are nothing but permutation and combination of 26 letters (English).

If we start from the right, we enter a whole new world compared to the left. So, the first letter must be important for any word. Initialization is important even in computer programming.

By shape, H appears to be part of ladder L to climb up (head, hill, heaven) or down (heel, hole, hell) on a level-playing land. L for low, leg, last; H for high, head, heaven.

Top people associated with movements are leaders, those in administrative hierarchy heads and captains. A leader leads or lifts or launches a movement from below; head and captain administer from the position of top!

Despite H in this article standing for highness, harsh-sounding words like harsh are harsh to hear. Just like the placement of zero is important for digits, so maybe the case for each letter in words.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Then and now: Think Python and learning computer programming free

During the early 1990s, there was a spurt of private educational houses in cities in India providing computer training. Computer use was increasing and its future (IT History) rightly looked promising. Access to the computer was mainly limited to offices. Trainees used to pay a premium for learning something which they learn by themselves in home/school these days.

When it comes to computer programming, object-oriented programming with C++ was the place to start with. With limited study materials in hand and the high cost of books, learning software programming was a privilege. Some of the training institutions were excellent, but time allocated could be as low as five hours a week in a batch of around 20 candidates. Within nine months, you were expected to use the mouse for the first time to write customized C++ software codes. Add to it the fact that computer was not available in most homes. Candidates used to feel lucky if they could use the computer in so-called drome (another word for a pool of computers assembled for candidates so that they could practice). Read More...

Friday, 2 September 2016

Houseful Syndrome

Asset=Set of Ass?
If a gentleman shows in an open crowd that he is in possession of a bundle of currency notes, it is overwhelming to label that gentleman acting like a child or fool for the time being. Yet, the same notion is observed in human behavior in other ways. For example, showcasing one’s worth in terms of branded clothes, etc., etc. These subtle ways to display one’s worth/power can be practiced by those who are ‘full’ with money, looks, etc., etc. In Hindi, there is a term ‘Paagal’ (पागल) which can be inferred as ‘पा के जो गल जाता है,’ or one who after having melts. This is close to a fool full of possession.