Monday, 25 July 2016

Visual art in digital age, psychic automatism, and coming together of arts and commerce stream

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Art is not produced by nature but manmade. In mathematics or the laws of physics, there is merely discovering what is already there. But a piece of artwork has application of human imagination and perceived differently by individuals. Art is thus subjective when it comes to liking by an audience.

Elements of visual art are building blocks artists use to design their work. Formal elements are space, point, line, shape, color, value (light and dark), and texture. Using these as bricks, an artist creates a whole new world of visual experience.

While designing artwork, an artist selects his or her theme of dominance called ‘emphasis.’ To make artwork pleasant, visual combinations are used called building ‘harmony.’ ‘Unity of purpose' is maintained while depicting elements so that all parts appear related. 'Contrast’ such as using colors black and white in sequence makes artwork more dramatic or expressive.

Artistic mind refers to the natural ability of an individual to learn skills such as painting or photography. For some, it is easier to acquire artistic skills than others or are artistically talented. Painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, sculptor of Pieta by Michelangelo, architectures such as The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, printmaking such as Pablo Picasso's 'Minotauromachy' are examples of popular visual art.Although beauty is one of the major objectives, bringing into notice harshness of life is also frequently part of an artist’s work.

Performing art (note difference with Performance art) such as dancing has been there for centuries exploring emotions with body movements of a dancer. Magic is yet another performance art. In conceptual art, the idea takes preponderance over physical identity.

Today, there is a flux of visual images around us, be it print or audio-video sources. Interpreting ideas conveyed by visible actions or images is called visual literacy. A picture, after all, is worth more than a thousand words. One of the challenges today in the world of marketing is to woo customers by images in brochures and advertising materials.

The human way of thinking rotates around rationality and imagination. While rationality relies on systematic learning by effort of the brain and senses and applying reasoning, imagination relies on intuition. The human body itself function in two ways, some are automatic, such as beating of the heart, and some are accomplished by active human endeavor such as walking. Similarly, our way of inner conception and outside communication is also guided by a combination of both.

While traditional classroom teaching relies more on rational means, still many times it has been found that people not having them have been able to succeed more in their fields by applying intuition and following automatic hunches from their subconscious mind which is popularly called as “psychic automatism.” 

Throughout history, artistic works of excellence are always said to be achieved when its creator got in a trance state where he/she surrendered to inner god or subconscious mind. World’s best painters such as Picasso and Michelangelo, poets like Stevenson, and many more who do not disclose them publicly, have been able to achieve their masterpieces relying more on inner impulses of the soul free from reasoning than anything else.

In the modern digital age, such “psychic automatism” is increasingly being expressed in newer ways such as using computers where artist selects buttons in trance state and the output gets recorded on monitor. Some call it like scribbling on paper in a half dream state. In visual art, it has been practiced in religious imagery throughout human civilization. During the last few decades, there has been renewed interest in understanding the power of subconscious mind and artistic works under psychic automatism form find their place in commercial advertisements which is perhaps a good thing as the same brings pupils of commerce and arts streams together.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

You are special!

We and I include "me" and so maybe selfish at times. "You" eliminates personal interest. Anyone opposite I needs to be respected. There is a decorum: ‘I and you like each other’ is not acceptable in English. It should be ‘You and I like each other.’

U and V-shaped costumes compete when decorating the neck of someone special. "V" is a sharp letter pointing down; "U" has a flexible and natural shape, which is like a garland.

You is also special in the sense that I say ‘You are special,’ in front of you, not ‘You is special.’

Ear balance

Ear bears the weight of upload of sound as we hear. The capacity to sense nearby tweets depends ultimately on our biological buildup and awareness. Nevertheless, the strain is always there reflected on burgeoning holes with the passage of time on those ears used to bear the weight of artificial cosmetics. To keep things in balance, though, there is not much fear to start with as initially sharp pierced holes take years to inflate after wearing and so should not bother those who celebrate theory of only today with tomorrow a myth. In the meantime, ear continues to soothe our longings for download of music leaving eye with tears.

Yes to yesterday

Tomorrow from one angle can be labeled as an illusion which will never find a day in reality. In reality, there will be today and our past experiences embedded into rows of yesterdays. So, no day for tomorrow.
Living in memories of yesterday is art practicing by which today becomes present and journey to future secure reflected in the quote “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” by John Keats.

Miss Syndrome


Acting in reverse manner, plural noun takes ‘s’ (apples, chalks) while verb in singular form, present tense takes ‘s’ (she prefers, he attends). Miss acts both as noun and verb. Miss as verb means something not attained like X misses Y while on vacation. Subject to Y being female, this can be rewritten: X misses Miss Y where capital Miss is noun (abbreviated as Ms.).

When hit is excess, reverse rule comes into action in behavior so often like a cool character converting to earthquake-like personality after a period of stress. Missing your favorite miss can overwhelmingly redefine your perception where anything you could not hold is a miss, be it catch miss, goal miss…


Politicians are a master in delaying things. Ask them about any project and they would say it is well on track. Perhaps, they understand that there is no tomorrow and only today. If you can stay in peace today by not raising issues that would bother others, chances are that you would do and succeed the same tomorrow, next month, next year, and so on. On the contrary, if you start getting bothered by things that appear hostile to you and make others bothered, the reverse would be applicable.

The strategy of delaying serves a useful purpose in a different time frame like night watchman in cricket.

So long the bread is getting ready to be served,
and you have no ready bread to eat,
why not read bread.

This often means sitting in one place sticking with one goal for an extended period of time.

In the world of astrology, Saturn is associated with slow movements, consistent practice, and effects of it are said to be enduring. Note the presence of sat (past tense and past participle of sit) in Saturn and Saturday (Saturn represented by Saturday).

Take the case why it may not be correct for RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan  to call spade a spade while cleaning NPAs of banks. When banks report poor numbers, faith on investors to put new money dwindle leading to lower overall investment. Irrespective of the fact whether we acknowledge or not, NPAs remain the same. What he could have done is to take corrective action from backend like reducing dividend payout while not too much publicizing of the actual NPAs feared.

Suppose I am in need of 100 Rs. in the morning which I can borrow if lenders on the other side believe I am in good shape. On the contrary, if I give a sense that I may not have enough money to meet my obligation at the end of the day, no one would lend me on the fear of default. I go hungry the entire day, jobless while devoiding  myself of the economic activity which I could have performed otherwise while generating 100 Rs or even more, in which case both lenders and I could have won.


Toffee is coffee of kids,
incentive for school,
without lunch.
Coffee is toffee of adults,
excuse for off,
without fee!

Learning fundamentals

Suppose you learn fundamentals of boxing. Can you win a medal at school level, forget national or international level, by knowing just fundamentals? Perhaps never. Now, you do a research on what is wrong in knowing just fundamentals. A small scrutiny reveals that you were having ‘fun’ throughout ‘mentally.’ There goes a saying of no free lunch; you bargained for a free lunch that is also full of fun!

Reverse of God for devils

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
The fear of God,
restrains evil.
For the devil rest,
there is dog to arrest.

Bell syndrome

Bell has a profound influence on each of us as we grow. While in the home, door bell excites as we wait for someone loved or alarms someone coming and spoiling the party. School bell in examination hall can cause ruptures in the belly and beyond for kids under pressure to perform in order to prove their sincerity to parents/teachers/peers.

Love/fear of ringing bell alerts, drives us to action as we live under the constraint of time. There is an element of a hurry, and how much one can stay aligned with core values during those moments of alarm then becomes crucial. While bells start and stop ringing, life continues...